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SY-CSD Ultrasonic Scalpel

SY-CSD Ultrasonic Scalpel

The working principle of the ultrasonic scalpel is to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. With the help of the high-frequency (55.5HZ) mechanical vibration of the ultrasonic scalpel head, the local tissues will generate a high


The working principle of the ultrasonic scalpel is to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. With the help of the high-frequency (55.5HZ) mechanical vibration of the ultrasonic scalpel head, the local tissues will generate a high temperature of 80℃, which promotes the decomposition and coagulation of tissue proteins, resulting in the effect of hemostasis, cutting and separation.


Ultrasonic scalpel head can cut soft tissues, and at the same time it can control bleeding and keep minimal thermal damage. It has been widely used in various surgical operations, such as general surgery laparoscopy, gynecological laparoscopy, urology, gastrointestinal surgery, breast surgery, etc.

Product advantages

1. Capable of all soft tissue cutting , Vessel sealing and cutting capability up to and including 5mm in diameter.
2. Available for endoscopic operation and opening operation together with hand-hold or scissor type apparatus.
3. Efficient cutting and hemostasis , improve surgical efficiency and reduce patient suffering.
4. Low smoke and good vision.
5. Faster incision healing due to less tissue adhesion.
6. Low operating temperature , less lateral thermal damage.
7. Mechanical vibration is safer used in removal of tissue and hemostasis because there is no current involved.

Technical specification

Specification Parameters
Vibration frequency 55.5KHz
Host input Power supply:100-240VAC,50/60Hz; Power:100VA
Working environment Temperature:10℃-30℃,Relative humidity≤70%
Pressure range:860hPa-1060hPa
Safety standard GB9706.1-2007"Medical Electrical Equipment Part 1 General Requirements for Safety", management classification III
Cutter head amplitude The vibration amplitude of the cutter head is 30-90 microns
Host performance 1. Stable host output system, 55500HZ working frequency to ensure that the cutter head is more stable and safer to work
2. The tissue feedback system can adjust the output frequency of the host according to the change of the tissue when the cutter head is working, and ensure the cutting hemostatic effect
3. Intelligent fault indication system to quickly find out the problem and help users troubleshoot
4. Optimized power-on self-check system, faster and more convenient
5. The power of the main machine is adjustable to meet the different needs of various operations. There will be voice prompts when the cutter head is working
6. No current passes through the patient's body during work, which is safer
7. Integrated handle, the vibration frequency is more stable
8. The host has a foot control interface to match the foot control switch.
9. The host is equipped with a USB interface, which can be upgraded via U disk.
10. The host has a system diagnostic function, which can quickly find the problem, help users troubleshoot, and record the history of host use.
11. Electric shock protection class: cf
Host display 7-inch capacitive touch screen, power size of the gear display
Graphic display error information
Cutter head performance 1. The knife head can safely close 3mm blood vessels
2. The cutter head can provide 5 working surfaces to meet the needs of cutting hemostasis in different tissues during surgery
3. The knife head can be rotated 360 degrees to meet the needs of endoscopic surgery
4. The arc design of the center rod of the cutter head can ensure a good surgical field of vision
5. The cutter head integrates the functions of cutting, hemostasis, grasping, and separation, which reduces the conversion of intraoperative instruments and saves operation time
6. The cutter head can be manually activated, which is convenient for operation
7. The closed jaw of the cutter head has a "click" sound feedback, which is more convenient to use
8. The length of the cutter head is 14cm, 23cm, 36cm to choose
9.Integrated cutter head, the cutter head and the handle are not separated to ensure the cutting speed and hemostatic effect
Cutter head adaptability It is suitable for various endoscopic, open, and superficial surgery needs, and more than three blade specifications are available
Transducer High temperature and high pressure, low temperature plasma and other disinfection methods can be selected
Other 1. The product contains more than five invention patents or utility model patents
2. In addition to CFDA, products need other product quality certification