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SY-SPHJ Video Laryngoscope monitor

The anesthesia laryngoscope adopts advanced science and technology. Compared with similar products, it integrates a 2-megapixel camera with a...

SY-YDJ HD Video Digital Electronic colposcopy Electronic colposcopy

Electronic colposcopy is a gynecological clinical diagnostic instrument. It is suitable for the diagnosis of various cervical diseases and ge...

SY-GW1100C-N 3D Medical Endoscope Camera

Medical cameras Medical endoscopic camera modules are widely used in industrial and medical endoscopic camera and other fields. Medical camer...

SY-GW1000C-N Medical FHD Endoscope Camera System

Description:Portable HD Endoscopy unit Model:SY-GW901 Brand:SHREK Usage:All minimally invasive surgeries Endoscope Cmaera 1.The origi...

SY-GW800C-N Medical HD Endoscope Camera System

Portable endoscope Professional non-destructive equipment supplier. Sells desktop, portable, industrial endoscopes, industrial fiber optic en...

SY-GW700C Medical Endoscope Camera Ent System Endoscopy

SY-GW700C can be used for arthroscopy, ENT, PTED(percutaneous transforaminal endoscopic discectomy), cystoscope, percutaneous nephroscope, ve...

SHREK Ductoscope endoscopy/electronic breast fiber endoscope

Ductoscope endoscopy, also known as electronic breast fiber endoscope, is the first choice for diagnosis of the cause of nipple discharge due...

High Quality Portable Video Gastroscope & Colonoscope

The electronic gastroscope can obtain high-definition images, and can perform various image processing through the computer, perform three-di...

SY-XDH Sterilizing Box for Rigid Endoscope & Instruments

It is mainly used for the integrated operation of storage, transportation and disinfection of various types of endoscopic instruments. There ...

SY-ZLT ENT Treatment Unit

The ENT treatment unit integrates nasal endoscope, ear endoscope, otoscope, imaging system, negative pressure and positive pressure system, w...

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