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The function and technical characteristics of digital electronic colposcope

The digital electronic colposcopy digital imaging system is a general morphological diagnosis method. It uses a high-resolution color camera to magnify the vaginal cervix mucosa, and through computer image processing to observe the changes in its surface morphology and terminal vascular network, and observe the surface of the cervix Layer of tiny lesions invisible to the naked eye.
Digital electronic colposcope is the latest product used in gynecological examinations. It combines modern digital imaging technology with computer image processing technology. It has the characteristics of clear image, easy to use, and accurate inspection. Breaking through the limitations of traditional optical colposcopy, it can magnify the cervicovaginal mucosa by 10 to 500 times, thereby observing the different manifestations of the cervical surface epithelium and subcutaneous interstitial blood vessels that are difficult to see with the naked eye.

It is a new digital electronic colposcopy imaging system that integrates a variety of advanced features. This system is different from traditional colposcopy. It uses DSP dynamic electronic focus freeze control. The doctor only needs to observe the lesion image on the screen. Its high-quality light source And the high-magnification image can identify the extremely small image details. Because all functions are gathered on the computer central control system, the operation is very simple and can be used for the two processes of diagnosis and surgical treatment. In addition, the matching computer image management system can analyze and process the observed images, store, and print a series of operation management, providing doctors and patients with better services.

Features of portable digital electronic colposcope instrument:

SY-YDJ HD portable digital electronic colposcope is an opto-electromechanical high-tech diagnostic system that integrates computer technology, optics, imaging, ergonomics and electronic colposcope, which can more accurately detect the boundaries that cannot be observed by the naked eye. Regional evaluation, bringing a more comprehensive overall solution to the clinic
Portable structure design, convenient for mobile census
Can be equipped with workbench fixed operation
It can be equipped with high-end printer to output color graphic report
Professional design, simple operation and more humane
1. It can quickly track and capture changes in the details of the observed image, achieving unprecedented high resolution and large screens.
2. The wide depth of field design makes observation or collection of images more three-dimensional;
3. Super bright white LED ring light source group structure achieves the effect of shadowless light, making the image more real and clear
The illuminance and color temperature control can reproduce the morphological changes of the observed tissue more realistically;
4. Integrate optical continuous zoom adjustment, magnification display, acetic acid reaction time, electronic green filter, image freezing and other functions into the system control.

Realize quantitative control of inspection process and image analysis

To break the limitation of traditional colposcopy that is overly dependent on experience and difficult to grasp for quality control, and pass the inspection
Quantitative control of the process and process technical guidance to realize the standardization and quantification of the inspection process
Greatly reduce the complexity of the popularization of colposcopy technology, making it easier to copy and pass on the expertise and inspection methods of experts

Electronic green filter function based on hardware control

Professionally designed electronic green filter function, with three-level filter control technology, which can better meet professional blood vessels
The clinical application needs of enhanced development, and the image has no light loss, which is convenient for color printing output