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How much about an ENT endoscopy camera sywtem

The ent endscopy camera are our important organs. If there is a problem with the ear, nose and throat, it must be checked and treated in time. The ear, nose, and throat endoscope can perform detailed inspections on the ear, nose, and throat. The ear, nose, and throat endoscope can be visualized throughout the computer. Under monitoring, the surgery for rhinitis, nasal polyps, sinusitis, snoring, nasal septum deviation, and otitis media can be completed in about 10 minutes. There is no bleeding, no pain after surgery, and no hospitalization is required. So how much is an ENT endoscope? This is a problem that many doctors are more concerned about.


portable ent endoscope camera

How much is an ENT endoscope? The price ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, and several million. The price of ENT endoscopes is affected by many factors, mainly the structure of otolaryngology endoscope is composed of endoscope camera + monitor + otoscope + Rhinoscope + laryngoscope + light source and other equipment, the price of each equipment affects the price of ENT endoscopes.
Endoscope camera: At present, there are many manufacturers of endoscope camera on the market. There are domestic and imported ones. The price of imported machines is relatively more expensive. In terms of the shape of endoscopes, traditional endoscopes are desktop machines. With the continuous development of technology, there are now vertical endoscopes and portable endoscopes, and their prices will be correspondingly different; in addition, the cameras are divided into 2K/3COMS/4K, and 4K ultra-high-definition endoscope cameras are relatively more expensive. The effect is better, the color, the degree of recognition, and the depth of field are better; there are also manufacturers, each manufacturer’s machine configuration is different, and the price is also different; the monitor has different sizes such as 19/22/24/26, and the price is also Difference.

There are many manufacturers of otoscope/rhinoscope/laryngoscopy, imported and domestic, the price is different;
There are different types of otoscope/rhinoscope/laryngoscopy, and different functions, the price will be different; light source: endoscope light source has halogen lamp, xenon lamp, LED cold light source, the most used currently is xenon lamp, LED lamp, the price is above Be different
There are other equipment that affect the price of ENT endoscopes.
The cost of an ENT endoscope is affected by many factors, but when you choose to buy ENT endoscope equipment, you must find a professional manufacturer, perfect after-sales responsibility and professional technical personnel to ensure that the machine can be timely when problems occur Solved, it can work normally.