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Portable ent endoscopy camera device

Endoscopy is a commonly used auxiliary diagnostic method in clinical practice. In recent years, with the rapid development of medical technology in my country, the technology of otolaryngology endoscopy in my country has also been developed rapidly. Endoscopy technology is a diagnostic and treatment method that is frequently used clinically, and is widely used in gastrointestinal, orthopedics, obstetrics and gynecology and other diseases. There are also more derivatives of endoscopy technology. Common ones are : Urology, bronchoscopy and thoracoscopy, etc. The endoscopy technology has long been used in ear, nose and throat diseases, but for a long period of time, this technology is only used in a narrow range. In recent years, with the rapid development of medical technology, endoscopy technology has received new developments. As an important branch in the field of "minimal invasive (invasive) nasal and throat surgery", nasal endoscope technology (NE8) has received extensive attention, and many scholars regard it as the most promising development technology.

Portable ENT endoscope

Portable ent endoscopy camera

The ent endoscopy camera system has many components and is relatively complex. The common components are: monitoring system, control and image processing system, operating part, insertion part, etc., using ENT endoscopy for related diagnosis or During the operation, in order to ensure a clear surgical field of vision, medical staff can observe or operate on the monitor screen, or directly through the observation port (except for electronic endoscopes), which mainly depends on each doctor. Habits of personnel. But if you need to achieve shooting, attraction or other auxiliary functions, you must operate through the control and image processing system. The ent endoscopy camera can easily pass through the narrow nasal cavity and nasal passages and other structures, allowing medical staff to directly inspect the patient’s lesions, improving the accuracy of the diagnosis of nose and throat diseases, and reducing the impact of the inspection process on the patient. pain of. At the same time, it is possible to perform delicate treatments for sinusitis, nasal polyps and other diseases through supporting surgical instruments, enabling the operation to achieve effects that cannot be achieved by traditional surgery.

portable Handheld video laryngoscope


portable Handheld video laryngoscope monitor

In terms of the scope of application of ENT endoscopy technology, it can be used in the following areas according to the different surgical sites of the patient, namely: nasal cavity surgery under nasal endoscope, nasal sinus surgery under nasal endoscope, and nasal endoscope Surgery related to the adjacent structure of the lower nose. In terms of disease types, this technique can be used in diseases such as turbinate hypertrophy, turbinate vesicles, and turbinate malformation. Moreover, with the continuous maturity of nasal and throat endoscopy technology, this technology is used in acute pharyngitis, chronic pharyngitis, atrophic pharyngitis, hypertrophic pharyngitis, chronic tonsillitis, glandular hypertrophy, vocal cord polyps, vocal cord nodules, adult snoring, etc. Good results can also be achieved in disease diagnosis and treatment.

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